Early Monday Morning Quick Hits



Jessica Alba is considering switching movie genres from super hero movies
to bad TV remakes, no word on when she intends to try the other 2 movie
genres of romantic comedies and Adam Sandler crap. And of course if that fails there, give Hefner a call.

Hip Hop Lyric expert says raps are really just verbal jousting, and are not
real threats. Tupac, Biggie, Jam Master Jay, C-Murder could not be
reached for comment.

In a move of sheer marketing genius, the publishers of Vogue ready to
publish a version of the magazine aimed specifically at men
relationships with women who read *gasp* Vogue.

Britney Spears plans to give birth to Cletus Jr. in $3800 worth of blessed Kaballah water. In related news, "Kaballah" spelled backwards is "naive". 

Did Steve Coogan knock up Courtney Love?…



He denies it of course. In his defense, can you blame him? Run and hide Steve. Run and hide.

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