Monday Afternoon Quick Hits



R is for rocket. S is for space. B is for birthday. Happy 85th, Ray Bradbury.

Hawaiians revive lost sport of "lava sledding". Reports that Darwin has
purchase a plane ticket to the islands are apparently true.

Halle Berry’s ex-husband cheated on her to save their marriage. Yeah, good one Buster.

When responding to criticism of his owning seven houses, Sting replied, "I want to live as normally as possible". Back off people, it’s not like he owns 8 homes or something crazy like that.

Always ready to stretch her acting legs to characters she’s nothing
like, Janeane Garofalo will guest star as an annoying liberal media
strategist in "The West Wing"

Cow jailed in Columbia after police cite it udderly responsible for moooving too slowly and causing an car accident.

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