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Dance like nobody is watching, Take 5


Maybe you’ve seen this before but I’m pretty sure I could watch it every morning for the next 5 years and still laugh. Go white boy, go white boy, GO![link]

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I want my very own pet midget

Look how useful they are. Gas prices are rising and I think this may be the only way to ensure survival of the fittest in the year 2005. Get yourself a pet midget today.[direct video link]

Burn Your Men’s Mags!


"There used to be a time in my life where I could not
wait for my mail to come at the beginning of the month. No, I wasn’t
waiting for my Little Orphan Annie Secret Decoder, but rather my
monthly installment of men’s magazines filling up my little apartment
"[Continue reading] NSFW due to language.

Airport passenger control

This video isn’t in English but I think you’ll grasp what is being said without a translator present.[video link]

Cruelest Parents Ever

I think I would have ran away from home if my parents had pulled such a stunt on me during my tender youth. Maybe we should stop blaming video games and go back to parent bashing, yes?[link]

Mr. Lover. Lover.

One pop star wannabe try-out from "Pop-stars: The Rivals".[link]

Sonic vs Mario


cool Sonic vs Mario flash. This time with armies and no sprites!"[ go play]


And finally, I just hope everyone remembers (women too) that YOU ARE THE MAN. DA MAN.


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