Friday Afternoon Quick Hits



Alleged trespasser enters Jennifer Aniston’s house. Man says he was
just picking up his things then going back to Angelina’s place.

Sam Gamgee joins the Jack Bauer Power Hour. With the ring of power they will be an unstoppable force.

Australian woman claims to be baby stolen by dingo years ago;
unfortunately DNA tests prove she is actually part dingo herself
(with the most terrifying pic ever).

Rosebud was his sled. Bruce Willis was dead the whole time. Thelma and
Louise drove off a cliff and Norman Bates was really mother. Nate
Fisher is dead. We all know the ending of Harry Potter VI. What is the
statute of limitations on spoilers?

Fed up with fatties in Daisy Dukes, Budapest mayor wants female City
Hall staff to wear miniskirts
only if they have "completely perfect
legs", with skirts no higher than 1" above their knee.

Many countries draw a line for art. A pickled fetus head attached to a seagull typically crosses that line.

  NJ Swat teams get new rules designed to prevent troopers from searching the wrong home. First is don’t rely on MapQuest.

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