Monday Morning Quick Hits



Dutch "Big Brother" TV show plans for a pregnant contestant who will
give birth during the show, no word if the child will be named Truman.

Nobody expects Natalie Portman to star in the Spanish Inquisition.

Green Day wins Video of the Year and 6 other moonmen at the VMAs. Diddy not amused.

Ashlee Simpson’s new movie where she plays a friend who attempts to
fabricate media buzz to help a friend’s music career flops at the box

Step 1. Bring the NHL back. Step 2. Come out with an NHL Network. Step
3. Make people purchase NHL Network. Step 4. Watch how no one will
subscribe, and the NHL eventually makes it apart of your cable package.

Bruce Springsteen now Boss in Budapest. Everybody’s got a Hungary heart.

Mice can now regenerate.  No word yet on when adimantium will be available.

Mick Jagger says he mimics Hitler onstage. Who is looking forward to how PR is going to cover this one up? I am! Just sprinkle some crack on him, right Chappelle?

We have hit a new all time low again with a "Build your own sitcom!" board game.

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