Wednesday Morning Quick Hits




World of Warcraft now officially the world’s largest MMORPG. All your gold pieces are belong to Azeroth.

Britney Spears insists that verbal spat with sister’s TV co-star was a
"sisterly talking to." Just like Cleetus insisted "I pulled out."

George Clooney to open his own casino in Vegas. Will be only slightly
smaller in size than his ego, making it one of the largest casinos on
the Strip.

Bob Dylan looks back with PBS documentary, CDs, and books, wonders how anybody understood a single word he said.

, world’s worst director, defends his art as only he knows how.
"With Alone in the Dark made more money than Elektra outside of

got the heebie-jeebies as lease runs out. Blondie, Gavin Rossdale to perform at fund-raising rally tonight.

Scientists to breed son of Dr. Phil with Playboy triplet Erica Dahm to
create new race of cloying, no-talent idiots with large boobies.

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