Thursday Morning Quick Hits




on this week’s episode of "Cletus & Britney" he wants to name
their baby "Vegas"
and give him a traditional Christian upbringing,
while she’s pushing for the Kabbalah faith.

Rod Stewart gets paid $2 million for casino gig he never played. Casino owner says it was the best money he ever spent.

Japanese movie theater
offers discount tickets to outspoken nerds. Just say "one ticket for a geek" at booth, and you’re in.

Two naked women swim up the set of "Lost", requesting jobs. Apparently no one felt it necessary to FILM this event, even though there were cameras probably everywhere. Perhaps a few cell phone photos will surface tomorrow. In the meantime, I smell something fishy about this…

Radiohead and Pulp combine to form wizardly super-group Weird Sisters.Well there goes Hermione Granger’s academic career. 

Turkish novelist could face three years in prison, after being charged
with "insulting national character."
And yet Oprah still roams free. .

some reason, a movie about kinky sex, lesbian orgies and vampires
bathing in virgin blood has managed to run afoul of the Conference of
Catholic Bishops
. Note to self: See Eternal.

The entire 4th season of 24 will be on A&E during a two day marathon starting this Sunday. Guess it’s time for you people to clear your TIVOs.

Police shut down stripper auction. Strip club visitors will have to go
back to the old method of buying the girls overpriced drinks.

Scarlett Johansson tells the press that she finds Woody Allen sexier than her current boyfriend Josh Harnett. Sorry Scarlett, you’re about 8 years too old for Woody.

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