Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits



Star Jones to adopt baby because she is too old, husband too gay.

Gamers take a break from beating up prostitutes, shooting people, and otherwise being violent to organize Katrina aid.

Marvel Entertainment announces 10 characters it will develop in to full
blown features including such well known superhero greats as Black
Panther and Ant-Man, who can shrink to insect size and umm… communicate with

Fox news gives Kanye West’s new album poor review. Fox News doesn’t care about hip hop.

Thai artist creates sculptures of dismembered body parts from bread.
Investigation into the mysterious disappearance of the Pillsbury
Doughboy and family abruptly reopened.

group of Germans showered for 101 hours to break the world shower
record. That’s 100 hours and 50 minutes longer than the French record. I kid…I kid.

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