Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits



NY Times Magazine to begin running comics.  Ah, Ziggy, will you ever win?

WWSBD? Scott Baio replaces Henry Winkler on Arrested Development, Willie Ames just happy to be losing weight.

Heidi Klum continues to contribute to the animal kingdom with birthing another baby seal. PETA is very proud.

Birds of a feather flock together: Jacko to do Katrina benefit song
with fellow drug and plastic surgery enthusiasts Mariah Carey and James

Shirley Temple to receive the Screen Actors Guild’s Life Achievement Award. In other news, Shirley Temple is still alive.

Matt Damon is reportedly engaged.  In a surprise twist, Ben Affleck reportedly not the blushing bride
                            MATT DAMON!

If you were in London and thought that you saw Madonna and Guy Ritchie
having a food fight
in a Moroccan restaurant, you were right.

Smiths to hang in National Gallery. Hang, hang, hang, hang. Hang by their necks in the pitiful place.

David Banner to do hurricane benefit concert.  You better buy tickets or he’ll turn green and smash stuff.


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