Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits



Today may be the paparazzi’s lucky day. Is it time for the very pregnant Britney Spears to go pop?

Simon Cowell in talks to make American Idol movie, pretends "From Justin to Kelly" never happened.

As thousands of hurricane victims struggle to survive, Russell Crowe
whines because conviction on phone-throwing incident could prevent him
from working in the U.S.

Jimi Hendrix’s boyhood home saved from wrecking ball, slated to become
a nuisance when poor renditions of "Purple Haze" from young aspiring
musicians threaten to torture neighbors.

Wacko Jacko hosts party for kids at water park. Full body speedo suit ensues. Where is the Sun and why are there no photos yet? Come on people, get your acts together. Pervert+ Pool+ Children+ Pictures= Paparazzi goldmine. No?

Heidi Klum’s new baby has a name 8x longer than the father’s name. World, meet Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel.

Damon Wayans will send his sons to Iraq when President Bush sends his
daughters too. No word on what it will take for Damon Wayans to send his 14 siblings to Iraq.

TIVO gets a new feature. Now networks can decide what you can
TIVO and can decide how long recordings last. All your base are belong to them.

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