Rebecca Romijn Stamos O’Connell



That’s right people. Rebecca Romijn is engaged to Jerry O’Connell.

Since Rebecca and Jerry are arguably the most exciting Hollywood couple since Renee and Kenny, I thought we should list some highlights from their filmographies in honor of the good news.

  • Kangaroo Jack (JO)
  • Tomcats (JO)
  • DIrty Work (RR)
  • Joe’s Apartment (JO)
  • S1m0ne (RR)
  • Rollerball (RR)
  • Mission To Mars (JO)
  • The Punisher (RR)

BWE wishes the happy couple nothing but the best… and we also wish they never make another movie together after "The Alibi." Please guys? Make that your wedding present to us.

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