Tuesday Morning Quick Hits



Tom Sizemore is trying to get networks to pick up a reality show starring
Tom Sizemore. Networks won’t touch it, probably concerned about the
speaking part for "Little Tommy".

Star Jones donates her Emmy gown to help Katrina victims.  Will be used as tarp for the Superdome.

Oprah ends war with Hermes, still locked in a stalemate with Zoidburg on the Western front.

Lil’ Kim checks into prison for perjury, prepares to truly find out if ‘she get licked once, she can get licked twice.’

Jerry Springer

  musical back on track in London. They were waiting for the pole-dancing conjoined gay twins to join the cast.

God already allows one awards show to promote the "homosexual agenda",
but clearly He will not tolerate such sinful behavior to spread beyond
the Tonys.

Halle Berry swears off men…but not making bad movies.

Survivor winner Richard Hatch pleads not guilty to tax evasion.   Trying to outwit, outlast, outplay IRS….

*1 joke pulled double posted on fark. we are geeks.

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