Thursday Afternoon Quick Hits



Good News: "A Current Affair" gets cancelled 8 months into its 2nd run. Bad News: It gets replaced by "Geraldo at Large".

FBI’s website releases dirt on dead celebrities. Liberace was a
gambler, Sinatra volunteered as undercover FBI and Andy Warhol’s 15
minutes of fame will never expire.

Kate Moss being wooed by Scientology to help beat her drug problem. Katie, watch your back.

Rap artist Nelly to star in reality show to bring "more attention to my
nonprofit organizations." Like the Nelly Stripper Pole and Plasma TV

Lynndie England was only trying to "please" her boyfriend by posing for
the Abu Gharib photos. Cue the desire to claw out your mind’s eye
in…. 3…..2…..1

"Looo-cy, you got some ‘splain to do!" heard in Orioles clubhouse as Raffy implicates another teammate in the steroids scandal.

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