Thursday Morning Quick Hits



Alyssa Milano is out trying to help hurricane victims. Meanwhile, Angela and Mona have still done jack s***.

HBO decided Lisa Kudrow wont comeback to their offices any time soon.

Ed McMahon to tour the country reminiscing about Johnny Carson. Look for his one man show "Living off the talent of a dead man" coming to a town near you.

Chris Martin, who thinks naming your daughter after fruit is a good idea, thinks making a Coldplay country/hip-hop album with Garth Brooks and Kanye West would help the future of music.

Metallica to appear in an episode of the Simpsons. Comic Book Guy heard muttering "Worst Show Ever" while downloading the Black Album.

New Dutch TV show titled "Swallow and Shoot Up" will feature host taking LSD and heroin on air. Fox network nods admiringly…

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