Friday Morning Quick Hits



Stevie Wonder delivers album to anxious record label just before Grammy deadline. Says he can’t see what the big hurry is…

Pamela Anderson tops Lycos list of all-time most-searched web term,
behind Dragonball and Pokemon. Judges must have disqualified pr0n and

Billboard charts don’t care about Kanye West.

Ratings of Martha Stewart‘s Apprentice show? Not a good thing. Not a good thing at all.

FBI thought John Lennon was too stoned to be a revolutionary. John found this statement came out of the blue and just wants the FBI to know he doesn’t want to be a soldier and that he’s moving on.

Chris Rock’s former schoolteacher felt so crappy after watching "Everybody Hates Chris" he sent the comedian an apology…and then a bill from his lawyer.

Warren Beatty blasts Arnold Schwarzenegger for political spin, cosmetic use, and photo ops. Schwarzenegger’s defense? Instructing him to watch the first few minutes of Terminator. Have you seen the size of this man’s penis? It’s huge.

Hollywood now pitching movies in churches.  Please do not pray during the movie.

McDonalds to give contraceptive injections, no news as to whether it will come with fries and a coke.

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