Gorilla Mask’s Annual “Web Tard Competition”



"Every year, the beauty of
the Internet glistens more and more, and not through file sharing
clients, search engine innovations, increased browser competition, or
even the collective sperm on keyboards everywhere.  Technological
advances are peppered throughout the cyber galaxy, but the true sugar
in the web’s virtual spice rack is its ability to apply not just a
transparent door outside the dwellings of introverted closet weirdos,
but place a ridiculously strong magnifying glass on its peephole.
That’s right, just like a bad science fiction movie, the ‘Net has come
back to haunt its creators:  No dork is safe from online exposure…"

Check out the current nominees and be sure to keep checking back at Gorilla Mask as the videos keep rolling in. Some will make you hate the interweb at large and some will be sure to make you the king/queen of the office.[ link ]

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