Monday Afternoon Quick Hits



Tara Reid wants us all to know that she’s really a great actress, she
just can’t get roles. Please pay no attention to the "Alone In The
Dark" behind the curtain.

fashion designer Valentino is on a role these days first calling Paris Hilton ‘nothing’ and now dissing  Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts for
gallivanting about town looking "like bag ladies and homeless people." People you know what this means,it’s time for a WALK OFF.

to release "The Denial Twist" as a single. Good news for the
600 people who buy singles, Bad news for the people who are against
hearing the White Stripes new single 25 times a day.

Paris Hilton
gets caught with her pants down again only this time it involves a whole ‘crew’ of men. In other news, why is it we can get videos of Kate Moss snorting lines of coke but when Paris has to go #1 and a whole ‘crew’ of people present, we get jack s**t?

‘Chick flick’ and ‘bikini wax’ are 2 of the 15 new words to enter the latest edition of Merriam-Webster Collegiate dictionary. The whole world has gone to hell, but how are you?

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