There is a new tourist in Paris



Paris has already moved on to another Greek billionaire. Yes he’s rich thanks to his daddy’s money which probably means they too, are soul-mates…

but guess who it is?

Oh yes, the s**t just hit the gossip fan, it’s Mary-Kate Olsen‘s boyfriend!  Just in case you weren’t 100% sure that Ms. Hilton was the richest piece of trash in North America, she once again, shows us her true colors. Now, we all know Mary Kate can’t participate in cat-fights due to her naturally tiny bones but maybe the twins can reunite and attack in unison. Together they are the strength of an angry 6 year old boy.

This is one fight I will pay to watch. Perhaps a tag team match? The Hiltons vs The Olsens. FOX? FOX executives…where are you? Pounce on this now. I urge you to initiate Celebrity death match 2005.

[Page Six Story and Gawker post]

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