Tuesday Morning Quick Hits



Nicholas Cage names new son Kal-El. Yep…Kal-el Cage. Child will inevitably kneel before Zod.

Macon, GA stuck with bill after Little Richard concert. When asked for
a statement Little Richard responded with, "What? Shut up. Ooooooooooo."

Who knew? James Bond movies promote unsafe sex and fornication.  Pussy Galore, Plenty O’ Toole and Dr. Holly Goodhead are wanted for questioning.

Are From Mars
… author, desperately attempting to hold on to even
minor relevance, states that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were doomed
from the start
. Also points out that the sky is blue, water is wet, and
President Bush is goofy.
William Shatner
, on behalf of PETA, tells Louisiana governor she MUST… SAVE... the animals.

Germans have drank less beer at this year’s Oktoberfest. In other news, the Irish are drinking more whiskey at this week’s soccer game.

Oh and before I forget, you too can own Kylie Minogue’s boobie-holder for just $7,560.

*craptacular photoshop courtesy of moi.

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