It’s just a weezy Thursday for all



Pepto Bismol’s new slogan is "Pink tastes better than you think". Joint marketing agreement with Taco Bell in the works

Despite his booming film career, "American Pie" star Jason Biggs claims he’d be up for another AP sequel.

Still out of ideas, Hollywood plans to bring "Transformers", "Voltron", "Miami Vice", and "Dallas" to big screen…

George Clooney to remake "Network" on live TV; will play deranged
protagonist Howard Beale. Apparently, Clooney is a method actor.

Python bites
off more than he can chew, ends up with indigestion.

‘Super koala’ habitat to be bulldozed. Nick Cage’s baby wakes suddenly from a dream, cries a little.

Charlize Theron was spanked and whipped as a child. I’m sorry… I know this is horrible so I’m trying very hard to read this without finding it hot…and I can’t do it. I just can’t. In fact, I’m going to end this post now, as I lost the ability to function properly.

Please excuse me for a moment…

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