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Hinokio – "In order to avoid attending
school physically, Iwamoto Satoru began operating a robot remotely from
home to go to school in his place. Hinokio could be controlled from his
bedroom. The story is about how the robot tries to communicate with the
people around him."


Exploding Hampsters" A fantastic game for a Thursday.
The premise is, er, simple. You play Death Jr. (a younger kind of
Death), and your task is to hurl hamsters with C4 plastic explosive
strapped to their backs at the large red monster, and see how far the
resulting explosion flings the monster’s flaming head around the


Playmobil – Security Check PointWTF toy of the day Because strip searching for cocaine has never been more fun.


                                Interview With a Pirate
– Classic National Lampoon sketch about professional
                                pirating, starring Christopher Guest and John


A Quoi ça Sert L’amour? - "A great little bit of "Ah, what the hell is life?" animated short. Set to an Edith Piaf and Theo Sarapo duet."

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