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Little Richard returns half his concert fee, or $30k, to cash-strapped
community. In other news, it apparently costs $75k to get Little
Richard to show up, sing a couple songs, say Oooooh Shut Up, and leave.

institutes the "That’s not my cocaine sitting next to my
computer in my apartment" defense in drug case. Soon to be known as
Karma Chameleon defense.

charged with battery after hitting five-year old with his camera,
pushing another out of the way in Disneyland to take pictures of Reese
. Those Mickey Mouse ears are going to be real popular in

Vogue editor assaulted by PETA because violence is always the solution. Quite frankly, I think we all should be pelting pies at the readers of Vogue instead. No, I don’t need a reason to dream of such things.

"Seventh Heaven" is now officially the longest running family drama on
TV, despite the fact that you don’t know a single soul that watches it.

A Middle Eastern tv show about militant Islamists and moderate Islamists has drawn the ire of many muslims. It might be the
title…Bombs of our Lives, or was it 2 Arabs, An Infidel, and a
Bomb….or Bombs on a Plane…OR…

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