I hope we feel like this forever Forever, forever, ever, forever



"Mission Impossible III: You Don’t Know the History of Electric Bugaloo. I Do"

The pot calls the kettle black as Jude Law dumps Sienna Miller for cheating. Fortunately Jude Law’s pity party will be a lonely one.

Sharon Osbourne blurs the fine line between Reality and Fiction.  Ozzy still slurs speech.

Finally, all those nights spent in your mother’s basement pretending to be in space might actually get you out of there, via  Spaceship.

Dumb: Stealing a laptop.  Dumber: Stealing a broken laptop.  Dumbest: Calling tech support for help on a broken stolen laptop.

Britney Spears cancels auction of bra on eBay because – like her singing ability – she felt it was falsely hyped.

Girl-on-girl violence on the rise on Boston’s subways.
In other news, Boston’s subway system experiences a dramatic increase
in male riders.

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