Tuesday Morning Quick Hits



Elizabeth Hurley wants permission from India to turn the Taj Mahal into a giant pink boobie, for breast cancer benefit. And why not…Who doesn’t love boobies?

Tribute band Nanowar do a gay version of Manowar. In other news the original band Manowar wasn’t gay???

Rodman gives the scoop on Carmen Elektra‘s jungle fever and the one in a million shot, Fuscilli Dennis style.

Wrestler "Hacksaw" Jim Dugin uses his 2×4 for leverage and flips purple school bus with news reporter inside.

Regis Philbin takes the Welch’s Grape Juice Spokesman title from Larry King in a 5-hour, 18-inning prune fest.

"This is your pilot speaking. Our speed is Mach 2, our flying time from Tokyo to New York will be 6 and a half hours."

Wallace, Gromit, Shorn the Sheep and Evil Penguin all perish in
warehouse fire
. Gumby, Pokey, David & Goliath to be pallbearers.

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