TVgasm Review: Save The Last Dance



"OMG.  Like OM-F-ing-G.  I like can’t believe prom is over!  Like, over!  Guys, this is so sad.  Only two weeks left in Laguna Beach senior year.  Promise that we’ll always be friends?  Forevah and evah?

Yes, it was prom night on Laguna Beach, a momentous occasion that the online community has surely been anticipating ever since photos of the big pre-party
leaked to the internet. And I’ll say this: I was not disappointed. This
episode came with all the silliness, drama, and pettiness that we’ve
come to expect not only from Laguna Beach, but prom season in
general. Plus, Cami the Vaguely Ethnic Girl popped up, so you know it
had to be a fun night on MTV. Just about the only thing missing were
some of those crazy Laguna parents. Oh wait, we had them too. Best
episode EVER!"

Did you miss the episode?  Let TVgasm‘s fantastic recap fill your Laguna Beach void.[TVgasm Review]

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