Friday Morning Quick Hits



Hear That Sound? INXS shows Faith In Each Other and gets a Kick out of their New Sensation of a singer, Jumping to the Billboard charts for the first time in 13 years. Said to have shed Bitter Tears.

Elvis once grabbed Nipper the RCA dog on stage and loved him tender; audience all shook up when they notice Elvis’ big hunk o’ love.

Charlie Daniels insists that his song "The Devil went down to Georgia", which talks about the devil challenging a guy to a fiddling contest, doesn’t deal with Satan. hmm. "The devil went down to Georgia,he was lookin for some souls to steal…." Naw.…that’s got nothing to do with Satan…

Michael Keaton may play The Joker in the next "Batman" movie.  The circle is now complete.

Sylvester Stallone plans on making Rocky 6 at age 60. Says his opponent will either be senility or Alzheimers.

Lawsuit accuses Siegfried of drugging Roy against his will.  Roy claims innocence, says he’s Siegfried’s number one fan.

Spielberg has agreed to team up with EA for three video games.  Due up first: ET’s BMX 2007.

Target denies plans to sell sex toys; vows to continue to use non-possessive language in referring to the devices they deny selling.

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