Tuesday Afternoon Quick Hits



Couple seeks removal of Fantasia signs. Sorcerer’s apprentice unavailable for comment.

Your adolescent dream of Princess Peach making out with Mayor McCheese
turns out to have been a startling premonition to a wi-fi deal Nintendo
signed with McDonalds today. Haley Joe Osment sees obese people.

Producer Janet Morrison spends four hours each day adapting ‘Guiding
to podcast audio format so soap fans can learn the latest about
baby Hope’s kidnapping on their iPods….not only do I hate technology today but I hate the world…and I have Janet Morrison to thank for that.

Disney launches vintage bling for grown ups, including crystal-studded Mickey Mouse T-shirt costing $1,400. The hate is strong with me this morning, as I just added Disney to the axis of evil list.

Members of ABBA in court over Money Money Money. Claim The Race Is On
to settle. Don’t want this to be their Waterloo. and yes, Fernando is unavailable
for comment.  Oh…I went there.

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