Friday Morning Quick Hits



Tonight Show bandleader Kevin Eubanks thanks LA Firefighters for saving
his home
. Firefighters in turn ask Eubanks to save them from Jay Leno.

Miss America 
pageant still looking for home. Organizers would like to inform you in advance that "your lap" isn’t large enough. Pfft. Men.

Heavily-armed clowns rob donut store in Everett. Police looking for two
suspects described as having white faces, red noses and wide grins, may
be driving a teeny-tiny little car.

Upcoming ‘very special episode’ of Extreme Home Makeover to include a
$500k home for a convicted armed robber
. Ty: "You had me crying at ‘two
DUI convictions”.

Michael Jackson moving to Bahrain after successfully mastering Arabic
phrases inlcuding "Hello", "I am well, and you?" and "How much for the
little boy?"

Just because you’re dead in your car in a mall parking lot doesn’t give you the right to park there for as long as you want.

Google‘s quarterly profit sends shares up 10%. Al Gore waiting for royalties.

Mattel set to revamp Barbie’s Ken in effort to make him cool and hip to
young girls.
Ken crosses his fingers for "Extreme Makeover: Genitalia

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