Monday Afternoon Quick Hits



Broadway ticket prices have pushed past $100. Blame Monty Python and his flying circus.

More folks choose to watch movies outside of theatres.Strangely enough,
$10 tickets, $8 soda pop, $10 popcorn or screaming children not listed
as the main reasons.

“But in the end, everything worked out really well. Pauly Shore had
little effect on the weekend
.” Was Pauly Shore expected to have an
effect on the weekend? Or on anything, for that matter?

New "Got Milk?" ad pokes fun at steriod scandal. For some silly reason, MLB is upset.

Suspicious Squash Spooks Security Service. Specialists ‘Splode Said Squash Swiftly, Secure Shabby Suspect.

If you go the bathroom and find a long yellow and black thing in the
that you can’t flush, the firefighters will be more than happy
to remove the python for you.

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