Wednesday Afternoon Quick Hits



List of TV’s top 10 scariest characters includes Chris Griffin’s closet monkey. However the list is totally invalid because it doesn’t include Roseanne or the sight of Dennis Franz naked self on NYPD Blue.

Gwyneth Paltrow pregnant again, unsure whether to name this one Kumquat or Kiwi.

Headline from the future: Only two episodes left in America’s Next Muppet, and I just can’t decide between Triumph and Bo Bice.

appoints the head of CBS sports as its new ‘News Chief’, promises
to bring new meaning to the phrase "And boom goes the dynamite".

The Bird flu has now been found in Croatia. Luka makes up with Sam, hops on plane, cures
bird flu, and is back in his apartment drinking Bud before the late news.

is giving up ownership of Chipotle with an IPO scheduled for next
. Analysts say the shares are an even better investment if you
smoke a joint first.

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