Thursday Morning Quick Hits



Madonna apparently has a patent on having long hair, liking fashion and marrying a Brit.

If John Mayer leaves you dozens of voice mail messages where he’s
singing bad rap songs to you
, he has your number mixed up with Kanye

Newly de-coked Kate Moss makes the cover of Vanity Fair this month. "We
wanted to shoot her one more time, you know, before she gets too fat".

50 Cent
says Bush loves black people, will also release album of duets with Burt Bacharach.

Michael Jackson

   teams up with R. Kelly. Birds of a feather, blah blah blah…

star, age 16, regularly travels an hour to see 23-year-old
to have his hair done; No word on what kind of gel they use.

Tyra Banks goes undercover as a 350lb fat woman and learns what it’s like to be Star Jones for a day.

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