Friday Morning Quick Hits



Oliver Stone begins shooting movie about 9/11 in NYC. He plans on using the tagline "Never forget… it’s in theaters this summer!"

forms a record label, Tom now knee-deep in hookers and blow.

Nicole Richie
says she would try heroin again. Probably because it’s much easier to find a vein now.

Vegetarian Pamela Anderson demands a ‘Vegetarian’ (i.e. leather free) Mercedes Benz G55 AMG. She also demanded air bags to be taken out as a standard feature as she prefers her own.

Stevie Wonder wants more Grammies for his trophy case. Friends hand him a couple old bowling trophies with crescent rolls taped to the end, hoping to shut him up

Grizzlies attack Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Bear-trainer Jennifer Aniston calls it a huuuuge coincidence.

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