Christian Finnegan Interview



"Comedian Christian Finnegan won’t reveal his age, but his humor displays a boyish willingness to go wherever the laughs take him, whether that means kissing a chimp for a photo op or turning childhood bullies, vacation fights, or buying a vibrator into onstage material. Even though he’s a fixture on the alternative comedy circuit in New York and performs at clubs across the country, the stocky, Boston-bred Finnegan is best known for his television roles as "Chad" on Chappelle’s Show and his recurring gig as a pop culture commentator on VH1’s Best Week Ever. Finnegan proves that his comedic talent isn’t lost in translation as he emails Gothamist about hecklers, crowd work, and embracing his inner "jock asshole."

Gothamist’s very own Rachel Kramer Bussel interviews Best Week Ever‘s Christian Finnegan. Check it out![Gothamist interview]


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