Wednesday Morning Quick Hits





For those who’d rather pay a lot of money than use their VCR or TiVo,
CBS and NBC to offer shows anytime on demand for 99 cents each.   Profits expected to be in the hundreds.

P Diddy spends £200,000 pimping out his van — now has a much larger penis.

Penn’s quiet partner, gives interview. We think. If a silent magician
talks to a reporter over the phone, does it make a sound?

Thailand’s only pandas married in ceremony, will honeymoon in Bangkok.

Siegfried & Roy Vow Return to Stage, Tigers Vow to Finish Partially Eaten Fruitcake.

Johnny Rotten wants Justin Timberlake to play him in an upcoming movie.
In other news, Sid Vicious and Nancy Spungen to be played by Ricky
Schroeder and Mandy Moore.

Vibe reports controversial billboard of 50 Cent "holding a bun in one
hand and a mic in the other" has been taken down in Philly. Hot dog on
hot dog violence reportedly down

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