The Day in David



David Cross. You have to love the guy.  In case you haven’t noticed, he’s all over the internet this week. Check it out.

1. In this audio clip, David says what we’re all thinking. Well, all of us who are confused / angry / and completely depressed over the news that Arrested Development is on the way out. Damn you Fox. And damn you marketing department. Here’s his rant.

2. The Strokes are cool. David Cross is cool. So it makes sense for David Cross to make a cameo in the new "leaked" Strokes video. Oh, and things that are "leaked" are cool too.

3. David has his own impersonator wreaking havoc in the East Village. And by wreaking havoc I mean getting his picture taken by people who think they’re looking at David Cross.

Man, it’s only Monday. Who knows where else DC is gonna pop up before this week is over. Stay tuned.

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