When Britney’s Away…



Now that Nick & Jessica are dunzo, the media has decided to focus their attention on breaking up Britney and Kevin. It was reported the other day that Britney threw Kevin out of the house because his "weedman" (that’s Feder-lingo for "drug dealer") was hanging around the baby. Now, throwing Kevin out of the house as "punishment" is kinda like suspending a kid from school for cutting class. "Wait a minute… you mean I have to go out? And not come back?? Awesome!" Actually, he wouldn’t say awesome. He’d probably say "Phat!" You get the point.

Britney also decided to teach Kevin a lesson by returning his Ferrarri to the dealership. But you know what that means? Now Kevin never has to be the designated driver. Score another one for the Federline!

I hope Britney decides to let the whole thing slide and allows Kevin to come back home. Because once those two split up, the media is sure to start going after Christina Aguilera and her new hubby… and they haven’t even got back from their Honeymoon yet! So please Britney and Kevin– stay together… if not for yourselves, and if not for your baby… do it for X-Tina. She needs you.

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