Best Vacation Ever



In Case You Missed it, it was decided by YOU, the viewers at home, that the one and only Angelina Jolie had the Best Year Ever.

I need to know: what do you think? Did she deserve it? Was Kanye robbed? I’m sure he thinks so. What about Tyra? Or cheaters? Or Weathermen? Do you think Angelina had a better year than all of them? I want to hear your thoughts.

Speaking of Best Year Ever, (this sentence is going to be weird, get ready) Best Week Ever had the Best Year Ever. So after working hard for nearly 52 best weeks in a row, we’re taking some time off. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you should go far. You can still check out for daily updates, and when we come back next month we’re going to have an all new, bigger and better Blog. So get ready.

And that’s that. In the words of Kristin from Laguna Beach, this post is dunzo. See ya soon.

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