Are Nannies Having The Best Week Ever?



First, Tom Cruise’s former nanny debuts her tell-all expose, "You’ll Never Nanny In This Town Again," which reveals her former boss’s CIA-worthy contractual demands.

Then Jude and Sienna reportedly split, making it possible for nanny Daisy Wright to enjoy more passionless, needy sex with the British dandy. And if that weren’t enough,  Wright may even get to relish in bed while Jude takes an immediate post-sex self-disgust shower.

Finally, Nanny McPhee, a British romp about a Nanny that changes one lucky family’s lives, premieres in theaters this week, to the delight of every ruddy-cheeked orphan from Londontown with narry a tuppence to his name.  Most American kids, however, don’t give a s***.

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