BWE Checks Out What’s Big In: JAPAN



Meet Anpaman: a crime fighting cartoon superhero made entirely of sweet red bean paste.    Strengths: He can fly, kick and punch. Plus his head is made of bread so he can always bake himself a new one as needed.  Arch Nemesis: Baikinman aka Bacteria Man. He wants to destroy Anpaman with powerful kitchen mold. Other super hero sidekicks include : Tendonman (his head is a donburi rice bowl with shrimp tempura poking out of the top) and Tenmusu-chan (her head is a rice ball with shrimp tempura). With a weekly cartoon show and hoards of merchandise, Japanese kids can’t seem to get enough of Anpaman and his legion of savory superheroes.

To sum up: things that aren’t American are really weird.

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