In Case You Missed It: Skating With Celebrities


Some random thoughts that went through my head while watching Skating With Celebrities last night.

  • Coulier_and_kerriganIs that Bob Odenkirk (from Mr. Show) announcing? Oh no… it’s Scott Hamilton… and I think he’s doing an impression of Bob Odenkirk doing an impression of Scott Hamilton. My head already hurts.
  • Critics, take note. Skating with Celebrities is nothing like American Idol. Yes, like AI there are 3 judges, and yes there’s a ditzy optimist sitting in the middle, and yes there’s a surly British guy…HOWEVER SwC has a gay dude instead of a black dude. THERE’S your diversity baby.
  • My favorite team is the Dave Coulier – Nancy Kerrigan team. Do you think Nancy is just walking around after the show thinking, "Wait a minute. I won 2 Olympic gold medals. I was a national icon. I hosted Saturday Night Live. And the ‘celebrity’ I’m skating with is Uncle Joey from Full House??? What???"
  • The theme of tonight’s episode is "The Decade of the 70’s." Coincidentally, that’s the last decade any of these people were actually considered celebrities. Zing!
  • I bet this show is big in Canada. (I told you, random thoughts)
  • Todd Bridges said he’ll do whatever he has to in order to win. Um… everybody be careful- this dude shot a drug dealer in ’89 after a 4-day coke binge. If he says he’ll do whatever it takes in order to win: duck!
  • Everytime they say the words Jillian Barberie and "groin pull" I smile just a little.
  • By appearing on the show, Debbie Deborah Gibson has finally completed the Fallen Star Trilogy: Big in the 80’s—Playboy spread—bad reality TV show. We salute you Debbie Deborah. Tiffany has some catching up to do.
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