Sweet (in)



We are saddened to hear about former Full House-mate Jodie Sweetin’s battle with Crystal Meth (as reported by the always reputable Globe Magazine).

But lets not harp on the bad, lets instead remember all the good times. And who better to reminisce than members of the Fans of Jodie Sweetin Yahoo Group?

Says supergirl4513: >what is your favorite funny thing jodie has said on
> "full house" to kimmy gibbler (andrea barber)? mine is
> when stephanie and gia were pretending to be 16 years
> old and stephanie promised kimmy she wouldn’t make any
> crack at her for a whole week if she kept quiet that
> she was 13. and then she told kimmy, "big bird called.
> he wants his legs back." thats funny.

Anyone else want to share?

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