Jada Pinkett-Smith Rocks-Rolls



The indispensable Goldenfiddle reminded us that Jada Pinkett-Smith’s metal band Wicked Wisdom is playing Letterman tonight. Here’s a little description of the group:

There she was fronting the Wicked Wisdom, an otherwise all-male group of menace-rockers. Smith takes pains to present the band as a collective, but make no mistake, the actress-singer-wife commanded the attention. In fact, the audience of young men — few nancy-boys among them — were slightly taken aback by the sight of her.

Her eyes bulged like Jack Nicholson. A black muscle shirt revealed formidable triceps, which were taut like the rest of her. She did the devil-horn thing with her fingers, and her demonic tongue-waving would trouble even Linda Blair. Here could be the distressed, bastard hate-child of Henry Rollins and Diana Ross, I kid you not.

In the words of Paul Shaffer, “Yeah!”

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