IN CASE YOU MISS IT: Superbowl Commericals



Hate football, but love commercials?  Here’s a preview of the biggest and best commercials that will air during this Sunday’s 6 hour man-tackle.

Toyota will compare its hybrid car to bilingual people, and have no idea why that’s offensive.

Dove will continue its campaign to celebrate real women, by spotlighting self-conscious overweight middle-aged women in their underwear. 

Pizza Hut will reunite its favorite twosome, Miss Piggy and Jessica Simpson, for a rousing rendition of "These Bites Were Made For Popping."

Meanwhile, Piggy’s on-again off-again love interest Kermit will hawk the Ford Hybrid

Plus Pepsi will feature P.Diddy and Jack Chan for less than 10 seconds… in exchange for several million bucks

Career Builder, Ameriquest, and Go Daddy will continue to befuddle viewers with entertaining commercials that have nothing to do with their already obscure products

And Gillette will make a convincing case that its latest razor, Fusion, does in fact provide the closest shave.

Go to Spotbowl to vote for your favorite commercials on Superbowl day!

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