Sex, Drugs, Cocoa Puffs and Football


Ck When you combine sporting events with entertainers/comedians/writers who aren’t sports people, one of two things can happen: It’ll either end up like the Dennis Miller mess on Monday Night Football, or like this.

What does the Super Bowl represent to Chuck Klosterman, a random writer you have never met and (in all likelihood) have never even heard of? That is the quandary that has America talking. And that is the quandary I will attempt to answer through this sporadically updated weblog, a process Arctic Monkeys fans like to call "blogging."

Chuck is blogging about the Superbowl from Detroit all week long. Even if you don’t care about who wins the big game– or who’s playing in the big game– this is a must read. If nothing else, I guarantee that this is the only Superbowl Blog you’re going to find that references Soundgarden, Tawny Kitaen and Robert Altman. Read it all here.

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