Today In Celebrity Conception



Twenty-two  years ago today, Ozzy Osbourne took a break from urinating on historic monuments and biting the heads off of helpless animals to do what he does best: get down and dirty with his wife Sharon. The result? Daughter Kelly, born October 27, 1984.

Maybe it was the thought of a little groundhog emerging from a hole that turned the Ozzman on. Or maybe it was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rippling muscles in The Terminator, the number one movie that weekend. Or maybe… just maybe… the Prince of Darkness had a soft spot for Billy Ocean’s hit single "Caribbean Queen" and just couldn’t contain himself when it came on the radio.

Well, whatever the case may be, Mr. & Mrs. Osbourne got the ball rolling on giving baby Jack a little sister today. The worlds of reality TV and really bad pop music should take a moment to say ‘thanks.’

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