Brown and Bubbly


The choice of a new generation

As I’m sure most of you saw last night, after months of brainstorming, focus groups, and board meetings, and the good people at Pepsi came up with: “Brown and Bubbly.” Apparently they didn’t stop to think what else out there is brown and bubbly, so I went to Google to do the research they might have done before spending $8 trillion on the ad campaign. Here’s what else is brown and bubbly:

  • Rhubarb Cobbler
  • Tater-Crusted Pizza
  • Potatoes au Gratin
  • Chicken in Mustard Sauce
  • A baby in a microwave
  • Provoiodine liquid mixed with peroxide and poured into the belly of patients who have infections in their abdomen

Oh, and there’s one more thing I think of when I hear brown and bubbly: refreshment!

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