The BWE Guide to Great PR: Jacko Sings Catholic Praises



Lesson #84: "Enlisting a Pop Singer to Create a More Positive Image For Scandal-Plagued Client"

Let’s say you’re a publicist.  And let’s say your client is the Roman Catholic Church.  You should be eating, sleeping and breathing new ways to deflect negative attention from the church’s recent string of sexual abuse scandals.  Your goal in life needs to be getting the church as far away from the "child molesters" stigma as possible. 

But there’s only so much a sincerely worded, heartfelt press release can do.  The Vatican can only make so many official statements condemning the actions of the offending clergy.  Sometimes you need to go the extra step.  Sometimes you just need a little more.  Sometimes…you need to get children’s rights advocate Michael Jackson to record the prayers of the church’s holiest leader

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