Discaderm and Dream Better



Are you bored when you sleep? Depressed by uneventful dreams? Ask your doctor about Discaderm, the semi-natural way to enhance your dreaming capabilities. A combination of the Nicotene patch and three straight hours of the Discovery Health Channel’s Medical Mysteries, Discaderm works with your neurological patterns to guarantee you a fascinating but disturbing dream cycle that will keep you talking about it the whole day.

Heres how it works: put the patch on at night and then enjoy the Discover Health Channel’s gratuitous footage of calcified babies, lobster people and burn victims. Then fall peacefully asleep.


  • "Discaderm dreams blew my fever dreams out of the water." -Jennifer Wong, Scranton PA
  • "After a night of Discaderm I couldn’t stop telling people about my wacky dreams." -Thomas Hanson, Beacon, New York

And now try Extra-Strength Discaderm with added hot peppers.

Discaderm not reccomended for those with heart failure, curly hair or lisps. Consult your doctor if you are too afraid to sleep.