I LIKE: Paris Hilton



There are a lot of misconceptions about Paris Hilton that I’d like to clear up:

  • She’s Never Done Anything Worthy of Being Famous  Wrong. She was one of the stars of a successful reality-TV show. Think that’s easy? Ask Martha Stewart.
  • She Has No Talent  Wrong. Among other things, she was great on Saturday Night Live, which is very tough to do. Paris had no real background in performing sketch comedy but she did great, especially on the nerd sex-line sketch. She wasn’t the best host ever, but she was better than Robert DeNiro, and I’m pretty sure people think he has talent.
  • She Is a Tramp  Wrong. First of all, a young woman should be as free to sleep around as a young man without being called names. And second, I’m not really convinced that she has been with that many people. Sure, there was that sex tape, but plenty of people have sex tapes of themselves. It’s just that no one else wants to see them.
  • She’s Dumb  Wrong. Certainly her persona is somewhat of an airhead, but let’s not confuse the public Paris with the private. I’m sure she’s every bit as smart as most actresses or pop stars. And after all, if she’s so dumb, how has she managed to stay in the spotlight all these years, especially if you think she has no talent?

In short, I like Paris Hilton. And I’m tired of people saying mean things about her that aren’t even true!

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