Experimenting With Drug Ads



Someone recently pointed me in the direction of an AWESOME new series of anti-drug ads created by the Office of National Drug Control Policy, aimed at convincing teenagers to overcome the temptations of peer pressure and avoid the dangers of experimenting with drugs.

As I’m no longer a teenager, and have long since succumbed to the temptations of peer pressure, I thought I would do a little more "experimenting" of my own by watching the ads from the "Above the Influence" campaign, under the influence.  My findings are after the jump.

To fully appreciate these findings, I suggest you watch each of the listed spots as you read my corresponding conclusions.  Seriously, watch the spots.  They’re hilarious.

1.  "Tic Tic" – Smoking pot might cause you to inexplicably try to outrun
a junkyard dog, which is pretty stupid (which leads me to believe those kids in The Sandlot must
have been BAKED).

2.  "Flat"
– Smoking pot might cause the sudden disappearance of your body’s skeletal and muscular systems, which would result in your becoming a
flat, amorphous blob (which is pretty stupid).

3.  "Fist in Mouth"
– Smoking pot might cause you to try to fit your whole fist into your mouth, which is pretty stupid.

4.  "Pressure"
– Smoking pot might cause you to be crushed by peer
pressure, resulting in your unfortunate resemblance to E.T. the Extra-terrestrial, which is pretty

5.  "Transformation"
– Smoking pot might cause you to stand motionless in
a room and allow a bunch of random people with superhuman speed to keep changing your
clothing and hairstyle, which is pretty stupid.

6.  "Awakenings"
– Getting ready for school in the morning sucks.

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